Chris Hardwick has been a busy man this week. The Nerdist founder has taken time out of his full schedule (which seems to consist entirely of bowling and podcasting) to appear in a pair of offbeat videos.

To start things off, Hardwick made a guest appearance on Waco Valley, the animated series on Above Average. In a happy marriage of two of my favorite entries in the YouTube Original Channels Initiative, Hardwick plays a zealous lifeguard who prevents the series’ main character, dinosaur newscaster Lon Johnson, from molesting a child. Hopefully the next collaboration between Nerdist and Above Average will be guest appearance by Michael Che (in character, of course) on Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk.

Hardwick, however, isn’t simply lending his services to other channels. He’s also getting busy on Nerdist with a new single, ‘Gersberms’, which celebrates the Ermahgerd meme and its glorious mispronunciations. Hardwick performed the song (subtitled ‘Yer Gervin Mah’) as a member of Hard N’ Phirm alongside his longtime musical partner, Mike Phirman. The song never actually says the word ‘ermahgerd’, (a total missed opportunity), and it was clearly composed by just taking a normal song and just throwing in a lot of r’s. Nonetheless, it’s actually kind of funny. I dare you to stop playing it once you’ve started.

The video features Hayley Williams of Paramore singing the chorus and Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory as the Ermahgerd girl (who, in real life, is actually quite good looking herself), R.L. Stine as himself, and a cameo from the Swedish Chef. Given that Hardwick previously produced a music video starring the Fraggles, it’s safe to say there’s nothing he loves more than the Muppets (except maybe Doctor Who). I’m looking forward to the All-Star Celebrity Bowling episode where Hardwick’s team takes on Big Bird, Elmo, Swedish Chef, and the Fraggles. Winning team gets money, losing team gets fired. Make it happen, Nerdist.

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