For almost 7 years, Pure Pwnage trundled along as one of the best series dedicated to the gamer subculture. With its hyper-specific gaming references and sci-fi leanings, Pwnage (remember kids, it’s pronounced OWNage) became popular enough to gain a TV run on a Canadian network. However, that deal ended up being the beginning of the end for the series. For whatever reason, it didn’t do well on the small screen and ended for good last year.

Luckily for its devoted fans, Pure Pwnage may very well rise from the dead, bigger and better than before. The series’ creators, Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire, have launched an Indiegogo campaign, with the goal of raising enough money to turn their magnum opus into a feature film. As part of the promotional effort, the duo have appeared in a video in which they explain their vision for the film.

My favorite part of said vision is the pair’s pledge to take the movie to Korea, where they would presumably enter some crazy Korean video game tournaments. Though I’m a woeful Starcraft player myself, I can’t get enough of the Korean video game announcers. I know that Cale and Lapaire and trying to recruit some professional gamers for the film, but what about the Korean announcers? They certainly have a big time on-screen presence.

How can the Pure Pwnage film assemble this l33t cast? As its creators say on their Indiegogo page, the amount of funding they receive is directly tied to the amount of goodies that can be included in the movie. Luckily for fans, the campaign has received an overwhelmingly positive response, with $164,000 dollars being raised so far. Given the initial goal of $75,000, I’d say that’s a pretty enthusiastic ‘how-do-you-do’. With five days left in the campaign, there is still plenty of time to donate, and though the creative goal has been reached, don’t forget that money=cool stuff.

Keep in mind that Pure Pwnage was around before YouTube was a thing. Show some respect to your elders by checking out their web series, and donate a little coin if you’re feeling so inspired.

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