YouTube star iJustine is good at staying up on the latest trends. Her regular use of trendy Apple products helped launch her career in the first place, and she still likes to goof around with the new Internet fads (she’s very into Instagram these days). Thanks to a partnership with AOL‘s Cambio channel, Trendera, and Attention Span Media, fans can now join iJustine in discovering the next great Internet fads. She is the host of Do The Craze, a series that invites fans to participate in the next big online trend.

Each month, iJustine will highlight a different craze and show off her own version before inviting fans to submit their best entries. Each month’s contest ends after  a winner is chosen. So far, we’ve seen contests for humorous mispronunciations, photobombs, and fails, with each winner posted to the Do The Craze website. The current contest is focused on awkward photos, and the winner will soon be announced. iJustine gave viewers a taste of this month’s submissions in a video update.

Do The Craze partnered with Trendera, the online hub that seeks to find new entertainment trends such as planking or Tebowing (pretty much anything with an -ing, I guess). The Trendera team provides the initial trend, and Cambio and iJustine recruit viewers to submit their versions of it. In addition, relevant channels have partnered with the contest for each month: Pronunciation Manual teamed up for the initial contest and Awkward Family Photos is helping to spread the word about the current competition.

All in all, it’s never been easier to become an Internet sensation. Keep an eye out for upcoming Do The Craze contests and make sure to save all those pictures you took back during the planking fad, just in case.

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