Ever wonder what Jamie Kennedy‘s been up to lately? The veteran actor and comedian still lands plenty of film roles, but now he’s moving on to a new web project. Kennedy is the star of Kennedy’s Court, a comedy series distributed by Alphabird that mocks daytime court shows.

The first three episodes of Kennedy’s Court have been posted on the show’s official website, with Kennedy switching between four ludicrous characters. Some episodes will feature Kennedy in drag as a Judge Judy parody, but that’s nothing compared to the first episode, where Kennedy dresses up as a black man to parody shows such as Judge Joe Brown. The result is a sometimes very funny show where Kennedy preys on the unaware trial participants. A snippet of Kennedy’s various get-ups can be seen in the series’ promo clip, but for the full thing you’ll need to check out the Kennedy’s Court website or wait for the show to debut on YouTube.

“Court shows are always so serious and the cases are ridiculous,” said Kennedy, “They’re ripe to be parodied. They’re all putting on a show anyway, so why not take it one step further.” Indeed, Kennedy’s Court almost seems like it could be real, and it works as brilliant satire of a genre that was absolutely asking for it.

It’s unclear to me if the other people present in the courtroom are in on the joke. The show’s producers claim that they are not, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone would put up with such a mockery of justice for such a long time. Kennedy ended the show by revealing his true identity, and I expected a little more shock from the plaintiff and defendant. After all, Kennedy’s costume is a pretty astounding one.

Kennedy’s Court is not the first time that Jamie has ventured into the web world. Previously, he was the host of HAHAJK, a prank show that bears a slight resemblance to his current endeavor, both of which draw inspiration from The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, a three season TV series that featured both costumes and pranks. If Kennedy’s Court can use that formula to keep up the consistent laughs, then Kennedy could become Malibu’s Most Wanted once again.

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