There are plenty of interesting Harry Potter web series out there, from the much-beloved-by-all Potter Puppet Pals to the dark and moody (not Mad-Eye) Auror’s Tale. With JK Rowling finally getting back into the publication game with the recent release of her new adult novel The Casual Vacancy, now is as good a time as ever to examine another series that has been posted in its entirety on YouTube: Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later.

Ten Years Later follows our magical protagonist as he has just been fired from his dead-end job at the Auror office, where a dark wizard drought has made Harry’s job unnecessary. However, he finds himself pulled into a plot as he discovers that Ron is missing. The series has taken a turn for the realistic, with the FuriousMolecules team behind the series building out the evolved personalities of the Harry Potter heroes. Harry is a bit of a dullard, Ginny has become baby-crazy, and Ron is now fairly eccentric, all believable changes that work with the characters that Rowling created in her original series.

Ten Years Later was original released as a seven part web series, but it works best as a movie, where the very well done special effects and other solid aspects of the production carry more weight. FuriousMolecules went to great lengths to make Harry’s world as mundane and Muggle-like as possible, to good effect. It’s a world that is simultaneously filled with and bereft of magic. I think it’s a metaphor, but I could be reading too much into it. In fact, I probably am.

In the end, this is simply fan fiction; personally, I’m always down for a well-made Potter web series, and if you’re a fan of the Wizarding World, or if you just enjoy a web series with sterling production value, go ahead and check this one out. Or, in the time it takes to watch Ten Years Later, you could alternatively watch Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis over 1,000 times. Totally up to you.

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