Today, one of the web’s greatest series makes its much-anticipated return. The Guild, Felicia Day‘s bajillion-Streamy-winning geek fantasy, returns today on Geek & Sundry, Day’s YouTube Original Channel. In addition to The Guild, Geek & Sundry will be ramping up its content base in the coming weeks, scheduling a bevy of new shows and Google+ hangouts for our viewing pleasure.

The Guild‘s fifth season featured another 12 episodes of shenanigans as the Knights of Good travelled to a gaming convention and ran into every geek icon that The Guild‘s producers could convince to appear on the show. The whole season was wrapped in a very funny and concise Geek & Sundry video by vlogger Hank Green. Since then, a trailer has been released for the new batch of episodes along with a running video diary produced by Day about the creation of the new season, helmed by new director Christopher Pretska.

Here’s day on what to expect in the online video hit’s sixth season:

We enter a whole new world with Codex working at the gaming company, so a whole new set of cast members join the show. In addition, we have some amazing guest stars, including a few big YouTube personalities in Dodger and iJustine. Later in the season we’ll also have a treat of going in-game for a major storyline. So we tried to add everything we can to make the show bigger and better!

The first episode arrived today on Geek & Sundry, with Codex learning that the dream job she received at the end of season five might not live up to everything she had hoped it would be.

Aside from The Guild, Geek & Sundry has recently announced several new and returning shows, making the most of its YouTube Original Channel status. Last week saw the return of Dark Horse Motion Comics, an animated feature from the people who also brought us the graphic novel adaptation of The Guild. The first new episode features Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain, the story of a fantastical bioterrorism attack at JFK airport.

Geek & Sundry will also host several series of Google+ hangouts, each one occurring at regular intervals. Discussions of parenting, dating, and literature will be joined by the Vaginal Fantasy series, where Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazabee discuss trashy romance novels. This week’s theme: Cthulurotica.

Geek & Sundry debuts exciting programming every single day so be sure to check back there for regular updates. As usual, The Guild will be at the center of it all, providing us nerds with another season of quirky avatars, celebrity cameos, and pretty much every manner of high quality production.

Here’s Day on why and how she continues to impress with installments of The Guild:

I wouldn’t do each season if I felt like I had run out of ideas to take the show in a different direction each year. I’m very lucky to have so many creative people around me, I’m constantly inspired by the actors as well as the fans. Their passion for these characters is one of the main reasons we keep going, because their enthusiasm spurs new ideas.

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