To me, Jim Jones is just the guy who recorded the ‘We Fly High’ song that I sang every time I successfully hit the trash can with a balled up piece of paper (ballin!) The truth is that in addition to his accomplished rap career, Jones was also a big hit as a recurring cast member on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, one of the network’s most successful shows. Jones’ appearances explored his relationships with his girlfriend/fiancee Chrissy and his mother, who has no problem admitting the she herself is a psycho. Now, with Jim and Chrissy getting their own spinoff show, the duo is more popular than ever, which means – of course – Mama Jones is also getting a reward for the high ratings she drew: a new web series on

Jones’ series will be called Mama Jones’ World, and new episodes will drop every Monday. The show purports to provide Jones’ ” dance moves…sex tips…steak tips, and whatever other tips you’re looking for.” In reality, the recently released trailer makes it abundantly clear that Mama Jones’ World is simply a platform for the filter-free matriarch to say whatever the hell she wants while hanging out with her fellow hip-hop mamas and other special guests.

After all, this is what the people want. Mama Jones’ 82k Twitter followers certainly aren’t interested in carefully worded and highly intuitive discourse. They want the psychotic, and they want it now.

It’s hard for me to tell if Mama Jones knows that people are laughing at her, not with her, but I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank while she thinks about it. Mama Jones is the kind of person who was always meant to be speaking her mind in front of the camera. She definitely will not hold back in her own personal Internet space, and, if we’re lucky, her steak recipe will be really good. I look forward to becoming the star of my next BBQ, only to inform my guests that I learned everything I know from a crazy old lady with bright red hair. Hey, it could happen.

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