Do you miss The Legend of Neil as much as we do? The multiple Streamy Award-nominated Zelda spoof was one of the first web series to achieve mainstream popularity, but we haven’t seen anything from our favorite autoerotic-asphyxiating gamer since October 2010’s season finale. That is, until recently.

Series creator (and The Guild cast member) Sandeep Parikh and star Tony Janning have released a video on the show’s website announcing a $20 preorder deal DVD complete with the whole series, many special features, and several bundle deals. Though the deadline for bundles was yesterday, I’m sure that Janning and Parikh would figure out a way to take whatever money you’re willing to throw at them.

The creators have negotiated with Comedy Central (who owns the Atom-turned-CC-Studios, where The Legend of Neil is still available in its entirety) in order to produce the DVD themselves, a licensing deal that Parikh called “unprecedented.”

As they explain in the above video, the amount of time it took to secure this deal gave them plenty of time to load up the DVD with an absolute ton of bonus features. In addition to all of the basics (commentary, outtakes, behind-the-scenes) the DVD will contain an R&B video and, most interestingly, a featurette detailing the process of creating a web series. Aspiring directors could learn a thing or two from this DVD when they’re not busy rewatching the fairy sex scenes.

The bundles included the ultimate deal: a chance to meet the cast and crew at a picnic in the Old Man Cave (will that include Felicia Day, who plays the crazy-girlfriend-faerie? A true geek can only hope.) Again, the bundle preorder deadline was yesterday, but Parikh hasn’t posted any updates about it today on his Twitter, so who knows! At the very least, you can still preorder the DVD, which will be released in earnest sometime in December. I’ve heard there are some gift-giving opportunities at some point during that month.

Making a DVD of a web series can be difficult, since all of the episodes are already available for free. But if you’re as big of a Legend of Neil fan as we are here at Tubefilter, this bevy of bonus content is worth the $20 price tag. Hopefully the DVD jacket will include the “surprisingly not shit!” comment that Parikh once loved so much.

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