Yahoo is investing a lot in online original programming these days, and the online video destination that sees more than 48 million unique viewers a month has a released a lot of new titles recently. So what have we seen in the past month? Eyeboogie Productions has given us a series called Kaboom! and I bet you can figure out what the premise of the show is. (Hint: It involves flying debris, high-speed cameras, and a stuffed monkey.)

If you still can’t figure it out, perhaps watching one of the show’s short episodes will help. Check it this poor, innocent Porta-Potty go Kaboom!:

As you can see, it’s not the brainiest of shows, but it gets the job done. The whole package has been engineered to draw in the 18 to 35-year-old male crowd, relying on the simple formula of “it looks cool, so people will watch it.” It reminds me of the Spike show Deadliest Warrior, which operated under the premise of an “experiment” to see which of two historical foes would win in a fight. In reality, the setup was just an excuse to maim poor, innocent ballistics dummies.

Here, there’s not even an attempt to justify the carnage. Yeah, you sometimes get excuses on Kaboom!, stuff like “Oh, a jilted lover has these flowers, so we’re going to detonate them as a sign of solidarity,” but the intention is clear. Hot girl, demolitions expert, Kaboom! It’s a Spike sandwich through and through. Co-host Rene Diamante even rocks a sweet moustache to up the man appeal. It’s 50% Rollie Fingers, 50% Christian Bale in The Prestige, 100% kickass.

Kaboom is similar in spirit to the uber popular YouTube channel that’s all about ballistics, FPSRussia, as well as the The Slo Mo Guys, a channel that has taken off thanks to understanding that high-speed cameras are awesome no matter how you slice it. I watch that channel mainly to see what on Earth they’ll think up next (fire tennis!? Are you serious!?) and I think Kaboom! has a similar appeal. I plan on checking in regularly to see what kind of unique projecticle-weapon-meets-messy-object madness Eyeboogie thinks of next.

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