You might have heard that the new iPhone will  be unveiled by Apple today. It’s kind of a big deal. At any rate, here are some neat-o links that keep you properly satiated before, during, and after the big announcement.

Let’s start things off with a Steve Jobs gangsta rap from the very funny folks over at Mondo Media, the animators behind hits such as Happy Tree Friends, which has been disemboweling adorable woodland critters since 1999. Check it out:

I hope Jobs’ backup singer is supposed to be Rick Ross, because that would be awesome. The vid reminds me of the Steve Jobs/Bill Gates Epic Rap Battle of History from a few months back, which is also totally worth your time.

New media studio and online video distributor Revision3 will be hosting plenty of coverage this afternoon as new Apple CEO Tim Cook comes clean with all the details. It will start with a Google+ hangout with Patrick Norton from The Screen Savers of old-school TechTV fame, which will go down at 1 PM right here. Then, they’ll host live streaming coverage here and here with Mark Watson of Soldier Knows Best, Ty Moss of Ty’s iHelp, Graham Hancock of AppJudgment, and Robert Heron of HD Nation.

If you like your Apple announcements lives streamed without a host from Revision3, you can find a short list of destinations with live streaming coverage here.

Don’t forget to check out this video from a few months ago starring TechnoBuffalo (another Revision3-er) with some speculations about the iPhone 5’s features based on grain leaked images. Might be fun to play some tech-centric form of Bingo and see how the predictions stack up to the actual device.

Finally, if you missed it, check out our feature right here on Tubefilter about YouTube’s presence on the new iPhone, and what it may mean for mobile video advertising.

Happy clicking and hope you’re all looking forward to see what Apple rolls out today! If you miss it, you can do the same thing in a few months when I’m sure Apple will announce the iPhone 6.

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