The Street Fighter video game franchise is ripe for its Mortal Kombat moment (aka a live-action spin-off that accurately represents the classic Capcom characters in way that delights a massive amount of their fans). We’ve seen adaptations of the iconic brawler before, the quality levels of which have ranged from “engaging” to “terrible.”

There’s this one, buried deep within the catacombs of CollegeHumor. Or this one, a bold collection of Maker Studios’ YouTube stars. And, of course, there is the legendarily bad 1993 live action film and its worthless 2009 “reboot”. But now there’s another combatant to enter the live-action Street Fighter web series fray that may do for the title what Kevin Tanchaeron’s Legacy did for MK.

It’s called Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, and it’s co-produced by Capcom. But it’s not the company’s presence that may make this iteration more of a success. Rather, it’s the production team comprised of hardcore SF fans. Previously, the crew made the very watchable fan film Street Fighter: Legacy. Check out the punch-y, kick-y, Hadouken-y goodness from 2010 below:

Fans are simply compelled to put a solid product on screen. Take the recent Muppets film that hit theaters last year. It was a big success, in part because it featured and was conceived by Jason Segel, one of the biggest Muppets fans in the world. In fact, he’s pretty much just a giant puppet himself. At any rate, his passion comes through in his performance and he’s one of the most likeable parts of the movie. (And the same argument can be made for Tanchaeron, who was/is a huge fan of Mortal Kombat.)

It seems a group of die hards are more likely to make a great, long-lasting series (especially with the support of Capcom) than a major motion picture studio out to make a buck or a group of YouTube celebs having fun and occasionally punching each other in the face. So when Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist debuts in 2013, I’ll be sure to give the next spin-off of the franchise a shot.

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