The Collective Digital Studio recently announced the unveiling of NODE Studios, a YouTube channel (that’s suprisingly not part of the online video sharing site’s $100 million Originals Initiative) dedicated to all things video gaming featuring some of online video’s most well-known video gaming enthusiasts, visual effects artists, and content creators.

Some of those video gaming enthusiasts, visual effects artists, and content creators who the Collective is hoping will bring online video audiences a new and fresh voice to the video gaming programming vertical include Corridor Digital, Ethan Newberry, Freddie Wong and Toby Turner. Although not all of the NODE lineup has yet to be announced, the channel is hitting its stride with four new original series, updated weekly for viewers’ pleasure. Those series include:

  • LAN PartyFreddie and Brandon Laatsch from FreddieW and Niko and Sam from Corridor Digital provide viewers with an inside look at the latest and greatest games as they play remotely against each other – with nothing off limits as they taunt, berate and bust on each other along the way. As Laatsch explains, “We aim to reinvent the online gaming channel with LAN Party on Node. Just like in the Halo and Goldeneye days, we get together with our friends to game together.”

  • TAGGED:  Toby Turner and Ethan Newberry bring their outrageously hilarious personalities to NODE in this showcase of video gaming related videos that are making their rounds across the Net.  In each episode, Toby and Ethan will debate whether the videos should be hailed as TAGGED (awesome), FRAGGED (bad ass) or LAGGED (hilarious). It’s like Turner’s CuteWinFail for the video gaming set.
  • VG Medley: Hot music tracks and cool scenes from video games come together in this music video program for the gaming-minded.
  • Trailer Mash-UpTrailers from soon-to -debut video games are entertainingly mashed up with popular movies.  The first two episodes in the series will showcase inventive mash-ups of Mass Effect and Total Recall, and Brave with The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Tubefilter readers know this isn’t the Collective Digital Studio’s first foray into working with established YouTubers. As an industry leader in the production and distribution of digital content, the company’s already had significant success with individuals and programs like FreddieW, Fred, iJustine, and The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.

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