The Digital Content NewFronts are a series of dog and pony shows that digital content platforms, creators and providers put on to showcase their previous, current, and upcoming digital entertainment properties to brand representatives and advertisers.

The showcasing is generally the easy part. Companies put together sexy sizzle reels with compelling metrics showing how X many million individuals in Y demographics are watching Z amounts of their programming. The hard part is getting the brand representatives and advertisers in the room to watch the showcase. That’s why many events during the Digital Content NewFronts incorporate things like free cocktails, tuna tartare, and appearances by John Legend, Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes, Heidi Klum, and other famous musicians and celebrities. There needs to be some kind of draw to get as many of the people who control the right kinds of advertising dollars in the room as possible.

That’s why the DECA NewFront was packed with manicurists, masseuses, and make-up artists. The digital media studio and distribution network behind Momversation wants to appeal to brands that want to appeal to moms. And if the lines at the various pampering stations were any indication, it seems like the company did a great job at getting the attention of relevant advertisers.

While admen, adwomen, and at least one Tubefilter-er were getting their hands massaged, make-up done, or nails did, DECA execs showed clips from the company’s no less than 15 planned or already-released mom-oriented original programs. They also announced the upcoming relaunch of Momversation on Mother’s Day 2012. The site will transform from a home to its flagship program (which garners more than 4 million video views a month) to an editorially curated destination for a number of female-oriented programs from major distributors and networks including Time, Inc., Viacom, Disney, Discovery, and iVillage.

So, come May 13, 2012, consider sending your mother a link to Momversation in addition to a sweet card and that bouquet of flowers.

Check out the Tubefilter Calendar for a complete schedule of the Digital Content NewFronts, and be sure to consult Tubefilter’s Complete Guide to DCNF 2012 for all the latest news.

Friday, April 27, 2012

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