American Hipster

Good news for aspiring hipsters (who/whatever you are)! American Hipster’s new YouTube channel has launched with three weekly original web series.

Are you rolling your eyes already, thinking “that’s so like…yesterday?” That’s excellent! You’re probably riding on your fixie right now into the middle of American Hipster’s target demographic, and you should absolutely be writing this article for me. And now you’re thinking, “Ugh, I would, but I’m not really into Tubefilter now that they have this fancy pants new redesign.” Fair enough, you darling ironist! I hope someday to ride on the handlebars of your penny-farthing.

But what about the American Hipster YouTube Channel!?  Ok…American Hipster, from San Francisco-based creative studio Seedwell, snagged a YouTube Originals Channel last fall.  Their first slate of three weekly programs premiered last month. Obviously, the channel is by and about hipsters and the things they like (or pretend to like, or pretend not to like, or be all whatevs about).

One of the online originals is Max Movie Reviews. It features an adorable Austrian baby reviewing an eclectic mix of current and cult-favorite movies.

However, many of the movies Max reviews are rated R, and if the idea of a tender youth watching Mad Max upsets you, American Hipster has another show that might just be up your alley. Hipster Grandmas is hosted by Pebble and Pearl, who (SPOILER!) are actually 20-somethings dressed like geriatrics.

If you’re able to suspend your disbelief, these two are totally adorable. If you’re more into authenticity, though, this might not be your bag (and you probably already realized that Max is not actually from Austria). It’s ok! Earnest souls of all persuasions will enjoy American Hipster Presents, the channel’s flagship show. It’s a beautifully shot documentary series about real-life hipsters who’ve turned their passions into careers.

Earnest, adorable, accessible. Just how I’d never, ever describe hipster culture!  And I should know. I’m basically a hipster-studying anthropologist and I am just on the verge of figuring out what Bon Iver is and why everyone is growing beards (except for those suits in Washington).  So, with all this sincerity and cuteness, is American Hipster for actual hipsters or for boring unironic individuals?  My answer? “…whatever.”

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