The last time online audiences were exposed to the special kind of awesome that comes from a seemingly earnest attempt at a screencast tutorial for a graphics editing program by an individual laden with self-loathing and in dire need of a therapist and some SSRIs was way back in October 2008. That’s when we saw the sophomore season, kind of clip show finale of You Suck at Photoshop.

Donnie Hoyle – our beloved host and chronically depressed Grand Master of Image Altering, who may or may not be (but really isn’t) Dane Cook – inventories his frustration-fueled accomplishments with a heavy sigh before coming to a cognitive behavioral breakthrough and realizes by practicing a little more acceptance, he could’ve stopped his own personal butterfly effect of malcontent. The future, for once, looks bright for Hoyle. And then, some unbeknownst individual with a terrible Darth Vader impression decides to end Hoyle’s life.

So that’s where You Suck at Photoshop ended. And for better or worse, that’s where You Suck at Photoshop will stay ended for the near future. But all you fans with a penchant for faux technical, edutainment tutorials led by someone who’s highly emotive and whose personality shines through in his voice and mad image manipulation skills should get excited. You Rock at Photoshop is coming to a computer screen near you.

The brand new series will debut as part of My Damn Channel’s My Damn Channel LIVE, set to premiere Wednesday, March 28th at 4PM EDT. Here’s My Damn Channel Founder/CEO Rob Barnett on what to expect from the next iteration in the You ____ at Photoshop series:

As you know, You Suck at Photoshop has been ‘off the air’ for the past few years. Regretfully, all contact with its host, Donnie Hoyle, ceased at the time of delivery of the final episode. However, despite the absence of Donnie, the desire for more Photoshop-related entertainment from My Damn Channel has never been higher. To meet that demand, we’re excited to announce that we’ve secured a deal with a prodigious artist who we believe to be the youngest screencaster in the biz.

You Rock At Photoshop! will be hosted by four-year-old Ronnie Cox, and Ronnie will make his worldwide debut during the premiere episode of My Damn Channel LIVE on Wednesday, March 28 at 4p ET. We know that Donnie’s unique variety of edutainment will be missed, but we look forward to exploiting the unexpected and outrageous hijinks of our ‘technology toddler’.

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at that My Damn Channel time (4PM EDT), to that My Damn Channel channel (on the web or on YouTube) to catch the debut of You Rock at Photoshop. This should be one to watch.

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