‘The Annoying Orange’ Joins the Billion Views Club

By 01/27/2012
‘The Annoying Orange’ Joins the Billion Views Club

The Annoying Orange is the latest online video property to join the exclusive Billion Views Club. Dane Boedigheimer’s animated, live-action still lifes featuring the punny kitchen antics of anthropomorphic fruit with irritating senses of humor crossed the 10-figure viewcount threshold sometime earlier this month.

Orange’s friends came together to poke fun at the wisecrackin’ piece of citrus in celebrity roast in celebration of the milestone. And if some of the voices of those roasting friends in the video below sound familiar, that’s because they belong to some of the biggest names on YouTube.

Boedigheimer wrangled iJustine, The Fine Brothers, Kassem G, Tobuscus, Mystery Guitarman, Barats and Bereta, Greg Benson, Smosh, DeStorm, Richard Ryan, Shaycarl, Lauren Francesca, Buck Hollywood, and a few more individuals with substantial online followings to channel edible household items and say a few words.

And here are the words Boedigheimer had for the occasion:

The past couple of years on the way to one billion YouTube views have been a rollicking ride and we’re excited to hit this amazing number. We appreciate the fans who have visited with Orange on YouTube weekly and we look forward to continuing to annoy our audience in years to come.

That rollicking ride Boedigheimer’s been on shows no sign of stopping in the near future. The Annoying Orange’s full-service entertainment management, media and content production company” The Collective has been able to leverage the program’s popularity into a JC Penney t-shirt and Toys “R” Us plush product line, as well as a 15-episode order of a Cartoon Network TV show based on the web series.

You can catch Orange on the other small screen sometime in the near future, or you can always add those 10-digit viewcounts at AnnoyingOrange.com.