You may know comedian Mark Malkoff from that time he raced a New York City bus on a big wheel. Or from when got those six pack abs in 30 days. Or from how he lived in that Ikea in Paramus for a spell while his apartment was fumigated. Or from how he lived on that AirTran plane for a month. Or from when he spent five full days in his bathroom. Or from his single-day visit to all of the then 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan. Or from when he offered New Yorkers free cab rides for a day. Or from when he brought that goat into an Apple store. Or from that time he got into pillow fights in an Ikea bedroom set at the Red Carpet of the Streamy Awards.

If you know Malkoff from all, any, or none of the above, you’ll (also) now know him as the guy that slept (over) with all those celebrities.

For his latest stunt, Malkoff flew to Hollywood without a hotel reservation or a futon on which to crash and instead contacted stars by way of Facebook, e-mail, and snail mail to see if they would be willing to host him for a good old fashioned sleepover. Rob Corddry, Kristen Schaal, Camyrn Manheim, Larry King, Kate Walsh, Kato, Kaelin, iJustine, Ed Begley Jr, Steven Weber, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, Lisa Loeb, and a few more responded with some form of “OK.” Malkoff then showed up at their places of residence with cameras in tow and a promise to be comfortable in whatever accommodations would be provided.

Here’s Malkoff in the premiere installment of My Damn Channel‘s Celebrity Sleepovers wearing matching jammies with Dave Coulier and trying to play a variety of stick-based sports. You should watch it. It’s great.

I think what makes this series so likable so far, aside from the appealing premise, is Malkoff’s genuine uber enthusiasm. He’s seems to be at once both completely comfortable with his situation and brimming with excitement. It’s that disposition – that sense that Malkoff can’t quite believe he’s executing whatever incredulous scheme he’s undertook, but is very happy to know it’s going so well – that makes you want to watch his antics and celebrity sleepover interactions over and over again.

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