Just when you thought the Sh!t (insert socioeconomic, sex, religious, or racial minority group here) online video genre was over, just when you thought the internet phenomenon started by Toronto-based filmmakers Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, a cameo by Juliette Lewis, and a Twitter account had run its course, that all iterations of this particular piece of online ephemera had been explored to the greatest possible extents, that the Sh*t Nobody Says video by Tripp and Tyler was a good place to call it quits, there comes another addition to the catalogue that’s worthy of note.

Shit New Yorkers Say comes from comedian siblings Eliot Glazer (creator of My Parents Were Awesome and Tubefilter contributor) and Ilana Glazer (one of the two creators of web-series-turned-possible-FX-television-show Broad City) and is worth watching because it’s well shot and within the eight years I’ve lived in New York (which may or may not qualify me as a New Yorker, but still), I’ve said almost every single one of the things they say.

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