Arianna Huffington’s 24-Hour News Network

By 01/18/2012
Arianna Huffington’s 24-Hour News Network

CNN better watch out.

Arianna Huffington and AOL are making plans to launch a live over-the-internet video channel modeled on 24-hour cable news networks. The network will be called the Huffington Post Streaming Network, or HPSN, according to Forbes.

Huffington and AOL chairman Tim Armstrong having been dropping hints about preparations to harness the Huffington Post‘s editorial talent and newsroom staff to produce a 24-hour live stream featuring editors and reporters analyzing breaking news throughout the day.

Part news show, part reality series, the news operations and editorial meetings will be open to viewers à la TMZ. Video editors will recut the footage into consumable and advertiser-friendly clips distributed throughout the site’s news verticals.

There is a large audience for online video news, as The Young Turks will certainly attest to. The Wall Street Journal‘s WSJ Live app and the New York Times‘ daily TimesCast web show already offer several hours of daily programming.

(Photo: David Shankbone)