Hollywood, Art, and Excellent Acting

By 01/11/2012
Hollywood, Art, and Excellent Acting

Whole Day Down, created by Patrick Breen and Tai Fauci, is an original web series that much like a de Kooning or a Bhavsar, can be difficult to describe. Starring Willie Garson (White Collar) and co-creator Patrick Breen, the show follows the slightly self-referential exploits of two down and out friends on the fringes of Hollywood supported by a steady stream of odd jobs who decide to open an art gallery.

While the initial concept is straightforward, the crazy, random, kinda meta nature of the series will capture your attention, even if you’re not sure why it’s so engaging. “The show kept getting odder as we wrote it because our collective creative id has no super ego studio to control it,” said co-creator Patrick Breen.

Having worked successfully in traditional media as an actor for several decades, Breen (The Good Wife) was able to wrangle a handful of guest stars with extensive traditional media pedigrees to make appearances in Whole Day Down. The online original boats well known actors such as Shiri Appleby (Life Unexpected, Roswell) and Jon Tenney (The Closer). As you watch the action unfold along relatively normal plotlines with absurdist twists, you’ll realize why all of these individuals are on television. (Hint: It’s becuase they’re very good.)


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The episodes pack in a lot in very little time, which was a challenge for the creators. “It’s like an overhead compartment in coach. We have to an episodic idea, a season arc story progression, and an overall series plan into a 7-minute episode,” said Breen.

Since the series launched, it was accepted into the New York Television Festival The creators found the opportunity to watch the series with an audience at NYTVF enlightening. “It was great watching the show with an audience at NYTVF. Having the chance to see how people respond with laughs or horrified gasps was magnificent,” said co-creator Tai Fauci. “You can’t get that kind of play-by-play feedback online.”

If you love the art world and making it in Hollywood horror stories and want to watch an unusual, entertaining web series with a stellar cast, then click your way over to Wholedaydown.tv.

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