Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’ve felt the full force of the Shit Girls Say phenomenon. Uploaded less than a month ago by creators Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, the series is sitting below the 9 million mark and is responsible for a slew of parodies. And since people can’t get enough, here’s a quick round up of the best Shit Girls Say parodies on the interwebs:

Shit Girls Say, the original series that started it all. Who would have thought that a guy dressed as a girl reciting lines from a twitter account would be so popular? The series, featuring Juliette Lewis, is a brilliant concept that shows how a simple idea with a fun twist can be successful.

Shit Black Girls Say, one of the first parodies out has already hit over 2 million views. Directed by Elijah “EK” Griffin and starring Billy Sorrells, this is one of the biggest parodies and is extremely well done.

And if you really loved Shit Girls Say and Shit Black Girls Say and wished you could watch the shit white girls say to black girls, you’re in luck! Here’s Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls. The awesome thing about this video is that it was a way for comedian Franchesca Ramsey to address the racism she has dealt with her whole life, turning a parody into an important statement.

An interesting fact about this one, it has over 500,000 more views that Shit Black Girls Say and was posted 19 days after.

If those three weren’t enough and you wonder what stupid things guys say (and we say a lot of stupid things), here is Shit Guys Say.

But what about gay men? Shouldn’t there be a parody of the crazy things gay men say? Oh yeah…there’s that too! Here’s Shit Gay Guys Say:

Then there’s the southern version of Shit Gay Guys Say called Shit Southern Gay Guys Say. Here you go:


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