Exclusive: Revision3 Exec On Signing Philip DeFranco

By 01/06/2012
Exclusive: Revision3 Exec On Signing Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco, one of the top basement-bred indie producers on YouTube, just signed with San Francisco-based digital network Revision3.

It’s no surprise Rev3 wants a piece of the D. PhillyD’s irreverent conversational talk show The Philip DeFranco Show, or simply PDS, boasts nearly 2 million subscribers and over three quarters of a billion upload views.

“Anyone watching the online video space over the past couple of years has seen the explosion of YouTube and the elevation of YouTube creators into legitimate stars. One of the biggest stars among them is Philip DeFranco,” Ryan Vance, VP Programming and Production, Revision3 told Tubefilter. “He was one of the first “vloggers” and remains not only one of the most popular, but one of the best. His point of view continues to be whip smart as he hilariously deconstructs all the day’s news.”

Revision3 will provide ad-sales and production support for DeFranco, Inc. properties. “I can use the help as far as growing outside of my show and using their great sales team,” DeFranco told Variety. “Revision3 was the logical choice.”

DeFranco was one of the nearly 100 producers selected by YouTube for its Original Channels initiative. His new channel, Sourcefed, based on his blog-experiment of the same name, promises to “bring the candid, fun, and familiar DeFranco style of handling daily pop-culture news to a long form media format.”

Revision3 has been snatching up YouTube channels in the arms race of online networks. Epic Meal Time, TechnoBuffalo, LifeHacker, Ty’s iPhone Help, and Soldier Knows Best, have signed with the network.

Best of the news? Now we can watch the Phil DeFranco Show on Virgin flights to SFO.