Speaking of international hip-hop superstars with web series, Kanye West is the subject of an online original program brought to you by the subscription-based online entertainment startup with a name that’s clever at first, but a little less so each time you hear it.

VoyR is providing you with an all-access, behind-the-scenes pass to Yeezy and Jay-Z’s concert tour that’s promoting their much hyped about collaborative album Watch the Throne. For the low price of viewing a few stylized Jeep commercials and $4.99 per month, you can catch a “video document of all the actual work that goes into living life at Kanye’s level.” As the description continues, “It’s not about models and bottles. It’s about working hard, from the moment the sun rises, until you just can’t push your body any further.”

That may sound like your usual, let’s-entice-you-to-watch-this-super-exclusive-behind-the-scenes-footage marketing speak, but the difference with VoyR is the content is actually good.

The company released and/or let leak a handful of installments from its Watch the Throne series. Like anything involving Kanye at its core, the program is sexy, highly designed but ostensibly raw, contains a helluva lot more gravitas than your average behind-the-scenes series about a world famous musician, and is fun to watch. It offers a glimpse into the thought, business, and artistic processes of West, his collaborators, and entourage, and comes replete with concert footage and captions so viewers can be sure to witness the kind of live show Kanye puts on and  follow along at home.

The Watch the Throne original is one of many planned web series from VoyR. The company aims to be “the premiere desination for elite content of some of the leading names in pop culture, entertainment, and sports today.”

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