Tubefilter’s Holiday Gift Guide

By 12/20/2011
Tubefilter’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here! If you’re still frantically shopping for something to give a special someone in addition to those DIY gifts you made and a copy of that Holiday Time Machine iPad/iPhone application and/or want to check out a few innovative and inspired branded products from some of online video’s top creative talent, then this is the post and accompanying video for you.

The team at Tubefilter watches a lot of online entertainment and in our aggregate hours/days/years/millenia of online video consumption these are our 11 favorite YouTube and online video-inspired products that we think would make for gifts most awesome.

Here’s the list, in no particular order in video form (and if you dig it, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great vids):


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And here’s the list, in no particular order in text:

1. SC BeardTard Supremes
Lots of online video personalities and original web series sell their own T-shirts (you’ll see a few of our favorites on this list), but very few (meaning “absolutely none”) sell their own pair of sneakers. Top 100 YouTuber ShayCarl designed the SC BeardTard Supremes with the help of his his family (aka “The Shaytards”) and his fanbase. The collaborative end-product features Shay’s bearded silhouette on the heel and goes for $79.98 at Tweak Footwear.

2. The Guild Season 5 DVD
The Season 5 finale of Felicia Day’s The Guild aired in October but you can own all the action and additional Special Features (including cast cnterviews, “Double Trouble” featurette on Season 5′s twins Tara/Lara portrayed by Leslie Crystal, “How to Build a Con” featurette with Production Designer Greg Aronowitz, “Steampunk Verite” featurette with Jillian Armenante, Doug Jones and Maurissa Tancharoen, audio commentary by the cast, Gag reel, table read of episode 1, PDF of the Season 5 script, and more) for a click to Amazon and $11.99.

3. The Guild Jones Soda 6-Pack
We told you back in June about The Guild’s branded carbonated beverages courtesy of Jones Soda. The good news is they’re still on sale and go great with watching Season 5 on DVD. Try a bottle of Codex Strawberry Lime, Tinkerbella Grape, Vork Green Apple, Bladezz Cola, Clara Berry, and Zaboo Blue Bubblegum for $12.99.

4. Gold: The Series – Do You Not Speak Common?
If you’ve ever rolled a D6 (or have ever referred to a die as a “D”) or know what the acronym “GM” stands for (and it’s not “General Manager”) then you’ll love this t-shirt from an original web series about professional Dungeon and Dragoners. Get yours at Zazzle for $23.95.

5. Hannah Hart Laptop Sleeve
You may know Hannah Hart as the girl from My Drunk Kitchen, but what you may not know is she has a great gift for anyone who doesn’t believe in socially imposed sexual orientation norms and also needs to protect his or her laptop. You can pick up her Hetero, Homo, Harto laptop sleeve at Spreadshit for $24.99.

6. Ray William Johnson Troll Plush
Ray William Johnson has the #1 Most Subscribed All Time channel on YouTube (with 5.1 million subs and counting) and his videos have been viewed a cumulative 1.49 billion (with a “b”) times. He’s beyond uber popular, but even with that uber popularity there’s always going to be some haters. Johnson made this Troll plush doll as a representation of those haters, so he can give them the attention and tender hugs they’re so desperately seeking. Pick one up for $17.00 at

7. Smosh – Friendship Always Wins
Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have been making videos on YouTube under the banner of Smosh since 2005 and were Pokemon-playing best friends since long before then. Show your bestie how much you enjoy his or he friendship by way of this ‘Friendship Always Wins’ poster for $10.00 available at

8. The Annoying Orange Toys
The Annoying Orange creator Dane Boedigheimer and The Collective introduced a line of talking plushes, clip-ons, and collectible figures based on Orange and the entire Kitchen Crew in anticipation of the talking fruit’s Cartoon Network television show. You can grab them at your local neighborhood Toys “R” Us from $7.99 to $9.99 a piece.

9. Epic Meal Time and J&D’s Bacon Salt and Bacon Spread
In addition to their television pilot for G4, the Canadian crew behind the original gastro-porn series Epic Meal Time partnered up with Revision3 and J&D’s Foods (a company that boasts the motto “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”) to release their own branded bottles of Bacon Salt and Bacon Spread. Start making everything in your kitchen taste more like bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips and bacon strips by picking some up from J&D’s Foods for $4.49 and $5.99 a piece.

10. Epic Meal Time and J&D’s Bacon Lube
Oh, yeah. EMT and J&D’s are also selling bottles of bacon-flavored personal lubricant. Because April Fools Pranks sometimes are too good not to become year-round realities. And because why not?! Become a bacon lover and own a bottle for $11.99.

11. Phil DeFranco Monkey T-Shirt
Top 20 YouTuber Phil DeFranco may have one of the most rabid fan bases of any online video personality. If you’re a proud member of the Phil DeFranco Nation, there’s no better way to show your support than sporting this Monkey T-Shirt. You can pick one up for yourself or that special PhillyD fan you know for $19.99 at

If there are any other products from YouTubers or original web series creators that you particularly like, let us know in the comments! Happy last-minute shopping and happy holidays!

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