Hey Girl. The last time you and I saw a Drunk History video was on December 14. That’s when Drunk History creator Derek Waters uploaded a new video to Funny or Die announcing there would be a very special Drunk History Christmas episode uploaded to the internet soon. But that doesn’t really count.

The last time you and I saw a full installment of Drunk History was way back in June 2010. Jen Kirman got wasted and told the story of how the friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass overcame the slavery movement and the rampant racism that existed in their day. Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, and Zooey Deschanel acted out the scene. It was great.

It’s been a long time for us to wait, but Waters uploaded that very special Drunk History Christmas episode today. It features Allan McLeod reciting A Visit from St. Nicholas (aka Twas the Night Before Christmas, but you already knew that) after drinking half a bottle of whiskey. It stars Jim Carrey as Santa, Eva Mendes as a sleepy wife with the platonic ideal of a family unit, and (obviously) Ryan Gosling as the man.

I’m going to watch it right now, but I’d rather be watching it with you.

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