Epic Meal Time Releases Line of Bacon Flavored Products

By 12/13/2011
Epic Meal Time Releases Line of Bacon Flavored Products

If you watched Epic Meal Time’s Thanksgiving video from this year (aka ‘The Turbaconepicentipede’) you may have noticed the Canadian crew known for their carnivore-friendly culinary concoctions used a few new ingredients on their quail, in a Cornish hen, in a chicken, in a duck, in a turkey, in a pig beyond their standard grotesquely excessive amounts of bacon, Jack Daniels, and meat.

Those new ingredients were the Epic Meal Time Official Bacon Flavored Salt and the Epic Meal Time Official Bacon Flavored Spread, which are actual products created in collaboration with the baconphiles at J&D’s Foods that you yourself can own for $5.99 and $4.49 a bottle.

“The partnership between J&D’s and Epic Meal Time is a match made in bacon heaven,” Brad Murphy, Cheif Revenue Officer of Revision3 (a new media network that signed Epic Meal Time earlier this year) told me over the phone. He’s right. With the amount of bacon Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein and company cook, it’s fitting they’d team up to make their own line of foodstuffs with a company with the tagline “Everything should taste like bacon.”


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“The product list for J&D’s Foods, might as well be a wish list for an Epic Meal Time viewer,” Murphy said. “We did a small campaign with them a couple years ago and it made sense to reach out again about a bigger opportunity with Epic Meal Time.”

So far, the response has been positive. Murphy tells me in the first few weeks of sales they’ve already moved thousands of product. The top seller so far is the Bacon Flavored Spread. It’s surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) beating out the Bacon Flavored Personal Lubricant, which is another pork-inspired item J&D is selling under the banner of Epic Meal Time. And it’s also vegan safe(?!?).

“Fans are asking for more custom flavors,” according to Murphy, “There’s definitely opportunity for more Epic Meal Time branded products in the future.”

This isn’t the first time Revision3’s dealt with branded edibles. Adagio Teas sells a line of Tekzilla and Diggnation Signature Blends.

You can check out J&D’s line of Epic Meal Time bacon whatnot and more online video-branded products in our Tubefilter Holiday Gift Guide. Give it at watch:

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