Twitter accounts don’t necessarily make for the best television shows. Justin Halpern and executives at CBS will be the first people to tell you that.

Halpern’s Twitter account Shit My Dad Says was picked up as inspiration for the CBS sitcom with the eponymous family-friendly-title of $h*! My Dad Says back in November 2009. By May 2011, after one 18-episode season, CBS cancelled the program. This happened despite star appeal (William Shatner played the role of “Dr. Edison Milford Goodson III” aka “Dad”) and a rabid online fan base (Halpern’s Twitter account has a couple million followers).

Twitter accounts may, however, make for pretty great web series. If the initial reception of Shit Girls Say is any indication, Halpern should’ve kept Shit My Dad Says online.

Created and written by Toronto-based filmmaker Graydon Sheppard and his partner Kyle Humphrey, and cameod by Juliette Lewis, the first installment of the original web series Shit Girls Say debuted Monday, December 12. It stars Sheppard in drag and in banal locations reciting terribly ordinary things girls say in a perfect Kids-in-the-Hall-in-women’s-clothes impression.

Sheppard and Humphrey compose the script of those terribly ordinary things girls say by culling the best installments of their Shit Girls Say Twitter account. The pair have been poking fun at stereotypically female sayings since this Spring, amassing over 57,000 followers in the process.

No word yet on when future episodes will be released, but in the mean time, enjoy. Especially you ladies. As XX chromosome and Tubefilter contributor Brittany Sandler says, “Man, this show’s got my gender down!”

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