Watch out Dooce. Move over Soleil Moon Frye. Make way Daphne Brogdon. There’s a new mom in the wide world of video blogging, and she has one helluva disposable income, a famous family (or infamous family, depending on whether or not you like reality TV and basic social units that made it into American pop culture by way of a sibling’s sex tape), the backing of a cable television network, and a pretty great fashion sense.

Kourtney Kardashian is the latest mother to get in front of a camera and talk about her adventures in parenting. Of course, those adventures in parenting don’t touch on hot button child-rearing issues or other concerns that may be more familiar to the 99%, but so far focus on multi-colored baby moccasins and the importance of layering for the sake of fashion while living in New York City.

And actually, I think that’s okay. It’d be easy to critique this show with a lot of snark, but not every program (parenting or otherwise) always needs to be about something with some gravitas. Kourtney’s Mommy Blog is the reality TV version of Momversation or (insert your favorite mom-oriented online video program here). It’s superficial, pretty to look at, and unoffensive and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Sometimes, we want to be entertained and educated. Other times, we want to chillax and see a closet full of adorably small Ralph Lauren jackets and size two golden sneakers. (Of course, there’s an argument about how showcasing this kind of unattainable – for most Americans – level of consumerism is bad for the world at large, but let’s save that argument for a different article.)

Kourtney shot 10 episodes with E! Online while she was filming the latest season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Future installments will cover some of “her favorite things, questions she gets asked a lot, and just things that she’s found helpful” while being a mother. Check them out weekly at EOnline.

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