Halloween Videos Roundup: Shane Dawson, BlackBoxTV, Jenna Marbles, Epic Meal Time

By 10/31/2011
Halloween Videos Roundup: Shane Dawson, BlackBoxTV, Jenna Marbles, Epic Meal Time

Shane Dawson sure does love Halloween. Maybe it’s a worthy excuse to (cross)dress up and scream frequently. While trumping last year’s interactive Haunted Halloween House party is a tall order, but Shane channeled his inner teen brat Amy this year for a 22-minute short film, “Friends 4 Ever”—Scream fans should feel right at home with this one.

The video screened in Los Angeles this past Friday to around 500 or so eager fans shrieking at every twist. Already it has broken the one-million-view mark since hitting YouTube on Saturday.

“FRIENDS 4 EVER” : A Halloween Short Film (ShaneDawsonTV)


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From BlackBoxTV creator Tony Valenzuela comes a collaboration of three short scary films around urban legends—chosen by fans—brought to life by three different directors…

Bloody Mary – Halloween Urban Legends” from Michael Gallagher of Totally Sketch.

LA LLORONA – Halloween Urban Legends” from JoeNationTV

SLENDER MAN – Halloween Urban Legends” from Chris McCaleb

Scream Montage – A Break Remix (Break)

JennaMarbles Halloween Prank on DeStorm (Break)

The Fine Brothers continue their quest to spoil the planet by spoiling 50 more horror films in time for Halloween in one take, in under 4 minutes. They do this all somehow without re-using any of the 100 Horror films they spoiled last year.

Zombie Meal Time Director’s CutEpic Meal Time
As a Halloween gift Epic Meal Time guys give us a Director’s Cut of their controversial Zombie Meal Time video.

Sluts On Halloween” (JennaMarbles)

Take This Lollipop (Official Trailer)shinyrobot
From director Jason Zada, the trailer to Take This Lollipop.

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