Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer have announced the debut of Young Farmers, a documentary-style series that underscores farm-to-table values.

The series, produced by Grenier’s and Glater’s multi-media platform SHFT and distributed on teen-focused shopping hub Lockerz, follows 10 young farmers as they grow their own food as a part of a larger environmental movement of sustainability.

“Our mission at SHFT is to convey sustainable living through video, design, art and culture,” said Grenier.” And Young Farmers does just that in a very personal, accessible way.”

This is Lockerz latest original series since The Homes, which featured Gilmore Girls stars Keiko Agena and Sean Gunn. Other Lockerz originals include Kill Spin and Marcy.

“Lockerz continues to feature compelling original content that ties into issues that are important to our Gen Z members,” said Kathy Savitt, Founder and CEO of Lockerz. “We are proud to partner with powerful environmental advocates like Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer to bring Young Farmers to a global audience of millions.”

Here’s a guide to all the episodes if you’d like to know what to expect before you give the videos a click:

Episode 1: “Morgan” – Inspired by her experiences studying abroad, begins growing her own vegetables, and shows how she is directly connected to the things she eats.

Episode 2: “Corbett” – A Lake Tahoe native, Corbett first learned the ins and outs of farming at a young age. He skates to the community garden to tend his plot, and grabs an after-school snack along the way.

Episode 3: “Katie” – First discovering her passion on a biodynamic farm, Katie now guides a high school garden program to bring together students of all stripes.

Episode 4: “Edgar” – Converting empty lots into gardens, Edgar has transformed his passion for plants into a career. He’s also expanded this passion into making sustainable cosmetics and food products from his plants.

Episode 5: “Aileen” – A high school senior, Aileen began gardening with her father and quickly discovered her green thumb. Also a talented cellist, she enjoys identifying similarities between music and gardening.

Episode 6: “Dwight” – A former teen baseball star who was born into gardening, Dwight shows viewers how to make a “bad ass” compost using worms and bacteria.

Episode 7: “Zoe” – High school is chaotic for Zoe. She explains how the veggie garden is her main source of serenity and comfort amidst her hectic life.

Episode 8: “Jeff” – Jeff grew up eating vegetables as snacks while his friends were living off processed foods. He’s stayed true to his roots by growing a variety of vegetables and mastering the grill along the way.

Episode 9: “Willa” – From a young age, Willa learned how to garden from her mother and grandmother. Now a green-thumbed high school student, she shows off her impressive assortment of veggies.

Episode 10: “Mitch” – Taking on financial responsibility, Mitch feels that practicality is more important than ever. That’s why he founded a thriving gardening business and eats his own vegetables for his meals.


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