tubefilterOur latest weekly video blog of online video news worth knowing is up and fully online now—after a false start with a corrupted video upload almost doomed this one into mid-week status.

This week’s edition takes a crack at some low-hanging fruit in online video—pointless How-to videos—and uncovers one channel designed to poke fun at a fruitless SEO-friendly channel that explains how to pronounce an assortment of names and confusing brands. The original channel is PronunciationBook, with some degree of utility for non-english speakers perhaps, but its doppleganger PronunciationManual jibes at it to our delight with 8-second mis-pronunciations.

Loyal readers, lend us a few minutes and watch, like and comment our latest weekly video blog (thanks!):

Also featured in the video blog is the launch of Illeana Douglas’s Easy to Assemble Season 3 on My Damn Channel today. I’ll have a more complete review of the new season posted later this week. And also on My Damn Channel, Mary Lynn Rajskub has her first original series, Dicki, with one episode out so far. I interviewed Rajskub, so be on the lookout for more from inside the mind of Dicki this week on Tubefilter.

Catrific is one of our up-and-coming video bloggers to watch, and while her main channel vlogs are adorable observations of modern life, we found ourselves watching her second channel Cooking Wars videos just as often.

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