George Watsky’s mind moves fast, almost as fast as his mouth. So when YouTube’s breakout rapper-poet dreams up something as profound as the “Ultimate YouTube Video,” then it would behove you to take notice.

This all began with a challenge, one of Watsky’s mythical live performances, the time in question being back in April on The Ellen Show where he dared, or really provoked the video community to : to help him create the perfect YouTube video. Word for word, one very talented such video creator, Jorge Farfan took him up on it.

Farfan’s CyberToons channel had already won over fans on YouTube with his cartoonified renditions of life inside the land of the video creators. (For a crash course watch his “Secret Life” and “Shane Dawson and Friends” videos to catch up.)

There’s a lot in here, even cameos from The Annoying Orange and Ray William Johnson, plus plenty of flash mob features of Shay Carl & Katilette, Kassem G, Charles & Alli Trippy, Ian and Anthony of SMOSH, Mystery Guitar Man and Dave Days.

“You expect people to sit through a whole 15 MINUTES of fame these days?” -Watsky

Like most people, Farfan discovered Watsky from ‘Pale Kid Raps Fast‘ “I looked at his previous videos and thought why hasn’t this guy blown up earlier?,” he told us. “I sent him an e-mail saying how amazingly talented I thought he is and if he ever wanted to collab on something.”

This led to Farfan jumping all over the Ultimate YouTube Video challenge, which essentially became a collab with the challenger himself. “I would send images of the cartoon to Watsky during the whole process,” he added. “The whole cartoon took roughly 4 months to make. George was involved with providing the music bed during the whole cartoon—he felt it needed some music behind it. I didn’t think so, but hearing it with the music made the cartoon sound a lot better!”

“Jorge is super talented,” added Watsky, “and I’m honored he went to the extent he did to bring the video to life. I’m thrilled by it, and I hope to work with him on something else in the future. I actually met him on person at VidCon this year (in addition to many of the cameo stars of the video) in another sign to me that at a certain level, this massive de-centralized internet community is actually pretty small.”

So who’s next up for Farfan’s CyberToons treatment? “I would love to work with SMOSH which you can see in the flash mob. Those guys are one of the first people I’ve ever seen on YouTube.”

The original Watsky challenge (from The Ellen Show):

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