It’s Monday and our weekly video blog is up and about today. Lots of Polish commenters jumped in to show their love of Poland’s #1 most subscribed YouTuber, Niekryty Krytyk. I don’t speak a lick of Polish, but from what I can tell he runs a pretty slick, well-paced show over there.

Krytyk, who’s name roughly translates to ‘Roofless Critic,’ counts a number of US-based creators like Nostalgia Critic, Angry Video Game Nerd and Ray William Johnson as his influencers. Lately he’s been on a tear in Poland, racking up 129,000 subscribers so far and almost half of them coming in the past three months.

Also featured in the vlog this week are Russian vlogger AdamThomasMoran and the UK’s Alex Day. And in slightly related news, there are signs that the US economy is still in dire straights with even pudgy kids with webcams facing the pressures of outsourcing. Dinga Chika Awesome Performance:

We profile Machinima’s new music video series, and the stunning live-action paintball fight effects of the Porter Robinson video for his new single “Spitfire.” Today they released the latest in the series, “Black Label Society featuring Zakk Wylde – Crazy Horse”

And who really needs American Idol when you have YouTube? There is so much musical talent busting out under the seams on the world’s largest video site, that it’s a new find every day if you’re up for weeding through the burgs of off-pitch wonders. Luckily 22 year-old North Carolina native Drew Chambers is anything but off-pitch in his covers of Adele, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. “Me Singing “Rollin In Deep” by Adele”

Rapping talent is everywhere too, like the female version of fast-rapper George Watsky, Lega-C, and Minecraft lyricist Hoj, who busts out a remix of Megaman.

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