Jenna Marbles Week Continues! The Tubefilter Interview (Video)

By 08/17/2011
Jenna Marbles Week Continues! The Tubefilter Interview (Video)

Shark Week’s got nothing on Jenna Marbles Week. We’ve been admittedly a little gaga for the 24 year-old Bostonian this week, starting with our vlog on Monday, and her meteoric rise in just one year into the Top 100 Most subscribed YouTube channels. Most notably, she added over 640,000 subscribers in just the past four months alone.

Jenna Mourey, better known to fans as Jenna Marbles, first broke out with widespread video “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking,” a brash, honest deconstruction of her own arduous beauty rituals. Marbles is fearless, capturing millions with her and vocal call to figth back against random grinding dance moves by sweaty clubgoers. That even landed her this week on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Intriguing, unflinching and addicting, Marbles continually surprises with her smart weekly videos—new ones every Wednesday—and isn’t afraid to drop a few f-bombs. Her “People I Would Fuck” video has over 2 million views, “I am a super straight forward person—I don’t have time to play games,” says Marbles unabashedly. Her 5-minute vlogs are part advice column, part open sexual diary, and her fans are flocking to hear what she has to say next. It’s not a shock then to learn that she has a Masters degree in Sport Psychology and Counseling from Suffolk University.


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Is she the Dr. Ruth of the YouTube generation?

Watch our interview with Jenna (below) when she joined Dana Ward on the Tubefilter couch at VidCon this summer, doing the entire interview still rocking her original TMNT turtle shell backpack.

Jenna’s latest video (just posted):

Our weekly Tubefilter vlog from Monday:

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