Brit Comedy ‘Andy and Chaz’ Buggers Off Online

By 08/03/2011
Brit Comedy ‘Andy and Chaz’ Buggers Off Online

andy and chazIt’s not easy to pull off Guy Ritchie’s signature high energy smash-action British gangster flicks—Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels—with most attempts feeling flimsy in their imitations.

Andy and Chaz Bugger Off to America makes a noble effort on limited resources. The five-episode indie web series is certainly absurd fun, flirting with chaotic in its comedic story of two British gangsters on the run in Los Angeles trying half-wittingly to crack into the film business.

The series has its drawbacks, and its modest production value gets in the way at times—like the awkwardly blurred-out logos of dumpster brands and motel signs. The thought that kept interrupting my viewing: why not just choose shots without logos?

I was about to write this series off, when we had the chance to meet up with creators Darren Darnborough (“Chaz”), Craig Robert Young (“Andy”) and director Richard Keith. We shot a video interview (watch it below) with the three of them, with assistance from actress Cooper Harris, who was on hand at the mixer.

Once meeting these guys in person, it’s apparent that the story is really more autobiographical than scripted. I’m pretty sure they aren’t on the run from a gangster boss back across the pond, but their chemistry is apparent. Darnborough is the fearless, impulsive, possibly reckless one, who will run up and talk to anyone. Young, also a working actor with roles on NCIS and British TV series Just for Kicks is more measured and composed.

Together, they are as another ballsy web producer Al Thompson, might say, full of the hustle. Their aspirations for the project range from an in-the-works TV version and an agressive Kickstarter campaign for $50,000 for a feature film adaptation. That is after all, the life an indie producer navigating the web as a medium to showcase their works for greener pastures.

Watch the full five episodes of Andy and Chaz below… (heads up, there’s some racy language and content in this one, so be warned if that’s not your cup of Kool Aid.)