diggnation“Those guys scare me,” uttered Kevin Rose last night after Epic Meal Time’s “Muscles-Glasses” (Alex Perrault) wandered out on the House of Blues stage with a bag full of Big Macs just as one of their now-infamous live Diggnation shows was underway.

Rose and co-host Alex Albrecht had, after all, just minutes before watched from back stage as their opening act for the evening, the breakout hit web series of the year Epic Meal Time and its madcap entourage of food pirates showered fans with bacon, Jack Daniels and a Big Mac-kebob-stuffed-pig-on-a-spit while dropping a non-stop battery of F-bombs.

diggnationIn many ways, Revision3’s live indoctrination of the Canadian food stars represent a passing of the baton for the network that once rested its hat on the tech-heavy musings of Digg—now giving way to a newer flagship, whose unapologetically brash antics making Rose and Albrecht’s beer chugging look downright pious in comparison.

Revision3 shows its remarkable ability to adapt to web video’s changing tides, staking a calculated turn towards courting YouTube’s breakout personalities to join the six year-old internet television network. Even its core identity as geek-tech cool is ebbing as a brazen new stars like the “Sauce Boss” (Harley Morenstein) and his gang enter the spotlight.

Rose had flirted with the idea of calling an end to his run on Diggnation, effectively canceling the show, but decided to keep with it while also launching his own, more refined series Foundation.

Morenstein, Perrault and their posse—Tyler Lemco, David Heuff, Josh Elkin and Ameer Atari—put on a admirable first ever live performance of their YouTube hit. Sauce Boss ruled the mic, the 25 year-old former substitute teacher taking well to his new found internet fame.

The cooking project suffered from lack of any on stage kitchen, so some “TV magic” was employed as the crew skipped ahead to some recently cooked bacon to wrap their four foot lance stacked high with Big Macs. Regrettably we never got their signature final calorie counter on the stuffed pig, but Muscles-Glasses took it town like a hoss before sharing with the sold-out crowd cheering him on.

YouTube remixing DJ/Director Mike Relm bookended the whole affair in a solo act showing off his skillful mastery of YouTube clips from Bert and Ernie to Scott Pilgrim to Diggnation and Epic Meal Time itself. Tony Hawk even dropped in on the Diggnation couch, while special guest form sponsor GoDaddy—the GoDaddy girl herself (Candice Michelle) brought the guys drinks.

While some might wonder what this whole act was even doing at Comic-Con, it didn’t stop drove of fan boys and fan girls from waiting hours in a line around the block to get inside. Once again showing that Revision3 knows how to put on a show.

PHOTOS from the Diggnation / Epic Meal Time Live Show:

(Photos by Carly Feingold for Tubefilter)

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