fillionI’m always skeptical of campaigns blatantly built for geeks, gamers and nerds. For one, the lines between those are too often blurred beyond recognition. Gamer ≠ Nerd and Geek ≠ Gamer and so forth. And with Comic-Con 2011 almost upon us, expect more, not less of this kind of blunder.

That all being said, we checked and Nathan Fillion is in fact a nerd and a gamer. So his latest video (below), a PSA targeted at gamers gets a pass. It’s part of a series of celebrity PSA’s produced for by Break’s in-house creative team. This one is a plea to end gamer affliction Swamp Ass (yup, it has a hashtag already: #endswampass).

That Nerd Machine shirt he’s wearing? That’s for Zachary Levi (aka NBC’s Chuck) new site The Nerd Machine which is throwing a big Nerd HQ event at Comic-Con this year at Jolt’N Joe’s. He’s also teamed up with Break as the official video partner.

Two more of these Nerd PSA’s are coming out on Break’s Nerd Machine page.

Worth reading is Matt Raub’s now infamous rant calling for an end to hot girls pandering to nerds. We have a feeling the latest Katrina Bowden (from 30 Rock) video was exactly what he was talking about:

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