Warner Premiere, Dolphin Entertainment, and McG announced last November a teen heartthrob from Twilight would play the lead in their James-Bond-goes-to-high-school original web series. That teen heartthrob is Jackson Rathbone (who plays Jasper Hale and is on Team Edward) and that original web series is Aim High.

Rathbone takes on the role of Nick Green, a covert government operative who is one of 64 of a highly trained, elite task force of barely post-pubescent military personnel. When he’s not out completing missions for whoever is the US equivalent of M, Green is in class, getting bad grades and into trouble, and vying for the affections of a “punk” girl played by Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden. It’s kinda like Getting Away with Murder except for the Facebook generation instead of IFC. (All the old school online video viewers in the room know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!)

And Facebook is exactly where the series will premiere on August 1. Until then, Tanner Stransky at Entertainment Weekly scored a trailer that shows what’s in store.

The series looks full of good-looking individuals navigating teenage drama and hit men! Someone should call Trapper Keeper and have them start printing loose-leaf binders with a portrait of Nick Green because this is the kind of program the kids these days are going to love. Check out the trailer above and stay tuned to the Aim High Facebook page to catch the show when it premieres.

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