Finally, A Web Series About Vibrators

By 06/03/2011
Finally, A Web Series About Vibrators

Hollywood screenwriter Claire-Dee Lim, author of family-friendly film Firehouse Dog, is releasing an original comedy web series about three best girlfriends in San Francisco who stumble upon a magic vibrator that turns their loser lives upside down.

The Power Object, which is scheduled to premiere June 6, is an adaptation from Lim’s R-Rated comedy screenplay, co-story by writer-producers Mike Werb (The Mask, Face/Off, Tomb Raider, Curious George) and Michael Colleary (Face/Off). A cross between Sex and the City and Team America, The Power Object features a cast of customized doll puppets and toys (read: Barbies + arts & crafts).

The original screenplay for The Power Object garnered Lim a lot of attention—which actually resulted in an offer to co-write Firehouse Dog—though no studio wanted to touch it. So Lim turned to YouTube. “I wanted to tell a wacky wish fulfillment story and the only way I could make that happen was to do it myself and turn it into an online series,” said Lim.

Lim and art director Jean Kang searched the Los Angeles Toy District to find dolls whose faces they chemically stripped and repainted . The dolls’ hair is custom dyed and styled and the wardrobe is all original. “Working with the dolls was so much easier than live actors, joked Lim. “They never complained about the craft services.”