‘Simple Pickup’ Bags 30k Subs in Under 3 Months

By 05/31/2011
‘Simple Pickup’ Bags 30k Subs in Under 3 Months

simple pickupSummer is right around the corner—and as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince explain in their anthem dedicated to summer madness, “the weather is hot and girls are dressing less.” So fellas, it’s time to dust off your game and get to work. But if you’re feeling a bit rusty, don’t worry, Simple Pickup has got your back.

The new series on YouTube, reminiscent of DiGiTs (now trying out a ‘softer side’ since the departure of the series former host Italian male model Fabrizio Brienza) features a charming trio—Jason, Jesse, and Kong—as they shamelessly (and most of the time unsuccessfully) hit on girls and catch the rejections on camera.

Each episode, released every other Wednesday, is based on some particular parameter or premise: “Clowns Pick Up Girls,” which features the boys dressed up in ridiculous outfits, “Guys in Wheelchairs,”which is pretty self-explanatory, and “Asian Penis Pickup,” which you’ll just have to watch. The series features some classic pickup lines, such as “I like your whistle. Is that your rape whistle?”

Since its debut in February of this year, the Simple Pickup channel from trio Jason, Jesse and Kong has garnered over 30,000 subscribers and 1.8 million total upload views over only six videos so far.