Thank god somebody finally made this. Comedy writers have a love-hate with cats from what I’m told (by comedy writers). They are after all the cheap joke, the Whoopee Cushion of online video—always good for an easy laugh and gaggle of casual views.

Comedians Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine decided to speak out about the susceptible masses that devour anything CAT—by making well, a cat video. You know, with The video is one of the flurry of refreshingly unashamed female-driven comedy at new comedy hub Comediva. (We have to admit, at Tubefilter, we kind of have a crush on this site.) There’s also a number of original web series on the site so far, like Guy Time, Assassins and The Divas.

In other words, we seek COMEDIC WORLD DOMINATION. We’re like Dr. Evil with boobs. Except hot. With nice hair. And allergic to cats. Actually, we just want to take over the comedy world. So please give us 1 million dollars.

The Comediva ladies do have a YouTube channel, but it doesn’t appear to be their top date as the site is all about the Brightcove.

And for our likes, if we’re going to watch cat videos, we like them to be big cats, like Ligers. Hungry, ornery ones:

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