Had my parents never subjected me to objectively uncomfortable discussions about the anatomical differences between men and women and the basics of human copulation, I would’ve still had a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy childhood with a full understanding of the idiosyncrasies of knockin’ boots. That’s because I listened to Loveline.

The nationally syndicated call-in radio program with a mandate to offer candid medical and relationship advice to listeners whose sexual deficiencies run the gamut of your imagination functioned as the moral and behavioral compass of my adolescence. Whatever Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Corolla said in straightforward diagnoses or colorful metaphors I took for gospel. And I think it kinda worked out!

The Loveline hosts’ understanding, concern, and acceptance of the wide array of human conditions, all while keeping their entertainer hats on, is palpable. You can hear it yourself (for a small fee) by exploring the Loveline archives or, in the near future, by clicking over to Aol.

Andrew Wallenstein at Variety reports the internet portal is adding the radio show to its online video programming lineup. Excerpts from the Dr. Drew and now Mike Catherwood hosted Loveline “will be captured on camera and mixed with humorous animated segments re-enacting predicaments by the show’s callers.” Think Doogtoons or The Ricky Gervais Show, except with live action components and sex, drugs, and relationship centric.

No word yet on when you’ll be able to catch the Loveline original series online, but we’ll keep you posted. Until then, mahalo.

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