I used to go this meetup called the New York Open Coffee Club. Startup entrepreneurs, mostly denizens of, or visitors to NYCs then burgeoning and now established technology scene meet in the early AM and talk shop over cups of coffee and croissants. Discussions range from what’s going on in the cloud, to how that latest acquisition by that multi-million dollar online destination with VC cash to burn was over and/or undervalued, to how we’re all psyched that the future is all about crowd-sourced disruptive social couponing and that’s a cool thing for the future to be about.

Fun, right?! Kinda! But I stopped going. I’m all about talking to people about social tech, but at a certain point you cross the threshold from conversing about things interesting and innovative to things absurd. I ditched setting my alarm an hour early every Thursday morning to go to a networking event where guys like these are in the crowd.

The Startup Guys were conceived by CollegeHumor writers Josh Ruben and Streeter Seidell and do stellar job of both capturing and mocking the ridiculousness that can sometimes be the social media and tech scenes. If you hear someone talk in sentences like “A-B testing over a variety of markets, HTML5 compatible, of course, with a focus on user-generated-crowd-sourced brand integrations by tablet and/or cloud-based computing systems” with a straight face, run the other way.

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