Eliza Dushku to Star in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Torchwood’ Web Series

By 05/18/2011
Eliza Dushku to Star in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Torchwood’ Web Series

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television show that had an original run of 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989. In 2005, Russel T Davies penned a reboot of the series, which is currently in its sixth season (which also makes Doctor Who the longest running sci-fi TV series ever). In 2006, Davies created a Doctor Who offshoot called Torchwood, which filmed its fourth series in Los Angeles and Wales. That series is called Miracle Day.

You still following? Good. Me too. Now Streamy Award-winner and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battelstar Galactica scribe Jane Espenson was tapped to pen ten episodes of Miracle Day. And similar to how Battelstar Galactica spawned an original web series spinoff called The Face of the Enemy (which was set in the the world of the Twelve Colonies and prominently featured BSG characters), so too will Miracle Day have a companion web series. It’s going to be called Web of Lies.

You still with me? Good! This is where we get to the news part. Espenson is so super jazzed about her writing gig and the companion series that she let slip one of its major players. Eliza Dushku (from Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling, and another Joss Whedon joint, Dollhouse) will star in Torcwhood: Web of Lies.

The TV show and its web companion will be distributed in the US by Starz. You can catch their premieres in early July.

Dushku isn’t a total neophyte when it comes to original web series. Her live-in boyfriend and former NBA All-Star, Rick Fox is hard at work getting his own web series off the ground with Michael Eisner’s new media studio Vuguru.