The Digitour is a 27-city live and in person national tour of top web stars. It kicked off in Los Angeles on April 12, 2011 and ended 33 days later in Miami, Florida. Online musical personalities with rabid fan bases and a combined view count that numbers somewhere in the billions participated. Tonight, live and in person, we ask a handful of them how the tour went down.

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We’re live from the Tubefilter Meetup for Digitour Debriefed! Dave Days (#1 Most Subscribed YouTube Musician of All Time), DeStorm (#10 Most Subscribed YouTube Musician of All Time), MysteryGuitarMan (#8 Most Subscribed YouTuber of All Time) and Sarah Evershed (Executive Producer of The Digitour and President of The Cloud Media) are on stage to share their experiences from the tour and what’s it like to be a musician in an online video age.

Check out the live stream above, courtesy of our good friends at Stickam. And if you have questions for the audience, shout ‘em out to @tubefilter on Twitter. To get a taste of what we’ll be talking about, check out the exclusive, behind-the-scenes video of the Digitour below (which we’ll also be premiering live at the Meetup).

And a big thanks to our meetup sponsor, Openfilm. The marketing, distribution, and development platform for great content is launching a contest to find the next web celeb with $20,000 up for grabs. Register at, submit your video, and online video personalities Michael Buckley, Tay Zonday, and David Choi will decide who gets the cash.

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