Get Your eCards for Mother’s Day at JibJab

By 05/08/2011
Get Your eCards for Mother’s Day at JibJab

It’s Mother’s Day! Good job, moms! I’m sure your children are celebrating your special day with appropriate gifts (especially if you live in Norway and not especially if you live in Afghanistan) and those children are not at all recovering from yesterday’s activities of drinking too many mint juleps and shouting “Pants on Fire!” at one another while wearing funny hats by now looking around the web for some last minute eCards to send your way.

That is a totally random example that I just made up and isn’t the personal experience of the individual who is writing this post, but if you happen to have that experience there’s one website you can always count on.

JibJab has been fulfilling your last-minute eCard needs since the site debuted its Sendables section in October 2007. This year the company that brought you The Rapping Founding Fathers has no less than 15 video eCards and 17 picture eCards especially made for today. Here’s a screen grab of the moving picture one I created for all the Anglophiles/un-Americans in the audience.

You can create your own personalized eCard that your old lady is sure to enjoy and forward along like it’s a list of inspirational quotes by joining JibJab for $12 a month, or about the price of three of those old school paper cards. Plus, if you’re still recovering from an absurd amount of delicious mint juleps and bright sunlight wreaks havoc on your hangover, you can do it all from the friendly confines of your computer. Love you, mom!