Comedy Central Digital has teamed up with Axe Shower to tap comedian Rob Riggle as the host of a new “reality style” (their words, not ours) series Axe Dirtcathlon, in which coed teams compete to see which can create the biggest mess in 90 seconds.

In an attempt to prove “The Cleaner You Are, The Dirtier You Get,” the four-part series pits couples against one another in a bunch of crazy challenges like the “Taxi Dash,” during which contestants try to change into as many weird clothes possible in the back seat of a taxi racing an autocross track by a stunt driver. Yeah. I had to rewind it a few times to understand what the hell was going on. The two other episodes, “Art Smear” and “Toga Party,” are equally bizarre, and I love it.

“As a guy, I can appreciate the fun in getting a little dirty. As a comedian, watching others get dirty and making fun of them while doing it provides all the enjoyment I need!” said Riggle. “You’ve got guys and girls competing in challenges where they start out clean and end up pretty dirty. Plus, I am there to add my incredibly poignant commentary – what more could you want out of the internet!?”

Owen Benjamin co-hosts, providing a colorful play-by-play complementing Riggle’s roast of the contestants—who I’m told are competing for a trip to Spain to participate in La Tomatina, an enormous tomato food fight in Valencia.

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