So today is April 20, the official day of stoners. In honor of this holiday of cannabis subculture, we wanted to share with you Project 420, an original web series which combines marijuana with a paranoid government conspiracy theory—like we didn’t see that coming.

420Unlike other pot-related web series to grace the internet—we’ve seen Showtime’s University of Andy, Weed Shop, and The ClinicProject 420 doesn’t just focus on the consumption of marijuana, though it contributes its fair share of bong rips and joint rolling. From the series:

In the early 1950’s the CIA gave birth to project MK-ULTRA, a covert program designed to research and develop mind-altering substances. Millions of dollars and two decades later, the Program was purportedly abandoned, stating that ‘the tests made little scientific sense.’ This was a clever cover story. Behind closed doors, in a secret government facility, our tax dollars are still at work….

As narcotic research scientists for the CIA, being a pothead is all part of a day’s work for Lin, Pat, and Miriam. It’s canna-business as usual until their co-worker turns up murdered. Inrigue, espionage, and hilarity lurk around every corner as hapless stoners fall deeper and deeper into a maniacal plot….

Enjoy your hazy holiday. Be safe, and make good choices.

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