Don't Marry That Dude - YouTube ComedyNew feature we’re trying out on Tubefilter. We were pulling this list together of the most “liked” videos on YouTube today (since we were curious) and this led to an oddly captivating slate of videos. And there’s some actual news in here, in that these aren’t the “Most Watched” but instead the more subtle metric of what popped the most today from within the fickle YouTube community. We limited the search to “Comedy” for now, though we’ll be experimenting with other categories as we go. Enjoy and take note, some may be a little NSFW for language, so throw on some headphones.

Channel: TimothyDeLaGhetto2

Description: written by me! lol subscribe to rick and jess!

Directed by Layne Pavoggi

Views: 174,114
Comments: 2,810
Likes: 9,294

2. Tornado FAIL
Channel: OutbackZack


Views: 43,026
Comments: 2,217
Likes: 4,055

3. "Continental Drift": YoGPoD Podcast Fan Animation 7
Channel: BlueXephos
Description: In this episode, Simon talks about a strange and magical phenomenon.

Our podcast can be found on iTunes here:

Thanks so much to Fred for the animation, check out his channel here:

Views: 101,478
Comments: 1,209
Likes: 3,633

4. Vlog #6: Tsunami is a blessing religious girl

Channel: DavidSoComedy
Description: APOLOGIES: the mic is still recording in MONO for some reason.. darn it so its still messed up ! i will fix it i promise!

This is a short vlog but enjoy it anyways! HUH?!?!?!

Views: 47,132
Comments: 788
Likes: 3,309

5. Ballet FAIL
Channel: failblog
Description: Ballet takes grace and style not faceplants.

Thanks to:

For more FAIL visit

Views: 450,029
Comments: 3,799
Likes: 8,504

6. Rebecca Black Ripped Off Conan!
Channel: teamcoco
Description: Watch CONAN @ – Watch Conan reveals internet sensation Rebecca Black’s original inspiration for her hit "Friday"…

Views: 38,570
Comments: 309
Likes: 2,537

7. The Crabstickz Show! Ep.2
Channel: crabstickz

Description: The Crabstickz Show! Episode 2: CRIBBINS!

Did you miss episode ONE? Here she is, she’s still warm!

Views: 16,304
Comments: 824
Likes: 1,498

8. Innocent Poo Poo
Channel: JustKiddingFilms
Description: Should girls tell us about their number 2’s?

lilcdawg (Cathy Nguyen):

Views: 9,214
Comments: 468
Likes: 1,536

9. Car Salesman Affair

Channel: jackvalefilms

Description: I confronted a car salesman about having an affair with my wife. This was a fun prank to film!
Views: 30,111
Comments: 573
Likes: 1,466

10. COD Grandma Owning Noobs on Black Ops! LOL (Part 2)
Channel: I2awInstinct
Description: 1300 Likes for a Granny Dolphin Dive?

Thanks for the video:

Views: 6,815
Comments: 287
Likes: 1,249

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