YouTube videos - RayNew feature we’re trying out today on Tubefilter. We were pulling this list together of the most “liked” videos on YouTube today (since we were curious) and this led to an oddly captivating slate of videos. And there’s some actual news in here, in that these aren’t the “Most Watched” but instead the more subtle metric of what popped the most today from within the sometimes fickle YouTube community. We limited the search to “Comedy” for now, though we’ll be experimenting with other categories as we go. Enjoy and take note, some may be a little NSFW for language, so throw on some headphones.

1. Off The Pill – Rebecca Black (Friday)
Channel: nigahiga

Description: The most recent viral video, Friday by Rebecca Black with Alexandra Wallace cameo!? If you haven’t seen the video, here is the actual video link:

Views: 795,489
Comments: 18,888
Likes: 79,441

Channel: RayWilliamJohnson

Description: OUTRO SONG:

Views: 1,049,743
Comments: 116,734
Likes: 42,080

3. Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes
Channel: FunnyorDie

Description: On Charlie Sheen’s new cooking show; Winning Recipes, Charlie shows you how to cook using all of the power of a warlock.
Views: 86,367
Comments: 1,730
Likes: 5,991

4. Always Open (with Sarah Silverman)
Channel: collegehumor

Description: Sarah shows Dave her eerily accurate Neve Campbell impression.
Views: 129,333
Comments: 2,007
Likes: 8,279

5. No Bunny Dies Tonight!
Channel: FLuffeeTalks

Description: Click to help My Friend Pass:

Views: 50,061
Comments: 2,470
Likes: 4,769

6. Patriotic Teen Fails Spanish
Channel: TheOnion

Description: Jean Anne Whorton goes Beyond The Facts, talking to the high school sophomore who has become a conservative hero for refusing to learn his Spanish vocabulary.
Views: 58,101
Comments: 1,946
Likes: 4,685

7. Квадратные ноздри :Е)
Channel: ThisIsHorosho

Description: Наш блог: (видео на обзор и задания слать сюда, в раздел "интерактив")
Наша группа ВКонтакте:

Views: 133,224
Comments: 1,676
Likes: 4,812

8. How to Get an Asian Girl
Channel: SUPEReeeGO

Description: eGO the Cholo is BACK again!
And on a Mission to get a Sexy Asian Girl!
Just follow these steps.

*Keep in mind this is a Comedy. Stereotypical/Race jokes are funny- if done the right way* 😉 And if i Offended you…Good. lol jk =P

Views: 85,102
Comments: 2,039
Likes: 4,363

9. Double Standard

Channel: DarkMatter2525

Description: This video contains some insane things I’ve heard. You can see how the ridiculousness of these double standards and assumptions glare when I arrange them side by side. Whatever trait you blame on atheism or attribute to religion, I can point to an abundance of examples to the contrary – and the excuses are usually quite laughable and transparent.

If somebody actually mistakes this as an anti-atheist video, then I’m going to have a trained monkey disengage the parking break of a large truck, which will be at the peak of a high hill. Meanwhile, I will be lying on the road at the bottom of the hill, where the truck will proceed to run over my face, thereby simultaneously ending my life and my disappointment with humanity.

Views: 13,717
Comments: 741
Likes: 3,835

10. Airplane Baby

Channel: iphoneTARD

Description: Hi
Views: 50,489
Comments: 841
Likes: 3,766

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